The compact AM Cube 3D metal printer can produce large and complex components. It’s suitable for coating and repairing components up to 500mm, for cylindrical components up to 1m long, and for the near-net-shape production of semi-finished products. The AM Cube can be provided with up to 3 deposition heads with hardwired energy, material, and data supply.

Automatic deposition-head changing permits wire or powder feedstocks. Its modular design allows the AM Cube to be provided as a 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis system. Max. workpiece dimensions are: 3-axis: 1,000mm x 400mm x 500mm; 4-axis: 300mm dia. x 1,000mm; and 5-axis: 500mm dia. x 500mm.

Varied process requirements can be fulfilled by changing heads during an active printing/coating process. One deposition head can be used for high-quality surface finish, while another can deposit high volumes of material. Wire and powder are deposited in different phases of the same manufacturing process.

The AM Cube uses a Cartesian coordinate system allowing easy operation and programming. The system is programmed using either a standardized DIN ISO code or, for complex components, a CAD/CAM software tool. All aspects of the system can be controlled using Siemens components, from hardware to the human-machine interface (HMI).

With laser metal deposition, laser beams melt a feedstock material (Fe/Ni/Co-based), fusing it to the substrate (steel- or nickel-based alloys) by metallurgical bonding. The process has low thermal loading, making it suitable for repairing damage, reinforcing components at selected points, and restoring the original geometry of components through material deposition.

Chiron America Inc.

Wireless data collection system

The DataSure 4.0 advanced wireless data collection system combines range and data security with multiple gateways, compact size, and high speed to acquire precision measurement data. DataSure 4.0’s modern wireless networking technology uses short-wave radio frequencies to interconnect cell phones, computers, and wireless electronic devices, enabling increased speed, greater bandwidth, and longer range (10x to 20x longer than competing systems) for higher data throughput.

Higher bit rates, less than 50ms data travel time, and ultra-low latency networks enable high data volumes to be processed without delay, even at full capacity. DataSure 4.0 supports multiple gateways for data collection, versus conventional systems that have only one gateway.

Data are encrypted using a multi-layered approach that prevents outside access. A new network topology can be configured to simple or complex situations. Data can be transmitted from gages with built-in radio transmitters or externally mounted end nodes to gateways. It’s operable on Android or iOS mobile platforms and Windows-based computers.

DataSure 4.0 repeater and bridge components can also connect directly to PLCs and other high-speed serial automation equipment for real-time data collection or remote machine operation.

The L.S. Starrett Co.

Automation cell

The JobShop Cell PRO standard automation solution features the RoboDrill D21SiBadv vertical machining center (VMC) series. The cell incorporates a main enclosure with pre-engineered end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options.

With an industrial grade, articulating Fanuc 6-axis robot in an aluminum enclosure, the RoboDrill can be placed on the left or right side, or in a twin cell with two machines. In the twin cell, two side-by-side RoboDrill machines with a Fanuc robot entering from the side of each machine gives operators full, open access to the front of the RoboDrills for tool changes, off-sets, and maintenance. Removable panels on the common enclosure allow for different infeed/outfeed options including conveyors, drawers, lazy susan style pallet systems, and interfaces for vibratory and other bulk feeding solutions.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.