The WPS/APS Workpiece Positioning System features a manual zero-point clamping system for turning, milling, inspection, and finishing. The manual WPS and WPS-PPD reduces setup time up to 90% with no conventional clamping devices required. Accessories and adapters provide greater versatility and accessibility and ensure flexible clamping for various workpiece geometries without interfering with machining or contours – particularly suited to 5-axis machining. All clamping modules are proofline sealed, reducing maintenance and increasing production time.

The APS series workpiece positioning system for pneumatic open and closing uses corrosion-free hardened steel. The low installation height offers maximum precision and <0.005mm repeatability. A special coating on the clamping slides and clamping pins offers long-lasting, frictionless operation and extends service life.

Built-in air cleaning ensures the clamping system’s support surface remains clean and free of chips during changeover or automation. A 3-pin clamping design features nine die springs. The 140 and 190 APS size pull-in forces for each module can be increased up to 45kN by the turbo function.

The WPS series features case-hardened, corrosion-resistant clamping pins with adapters for workpiece clamping or top mounting. The M12 or M16 mounting screws (available with the APS series) provide maximum stability and stiffness. Clamping modules in 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 160mm heights clamp virtually any workpiece. Single, quick actuation allows modules to be opened and closed by only 3.5 rotations. Clamping modules can be mounted on a T-slotted table or grid plate made of highly tempered quality steel with a specialized coating to protect against rust and contaminants.

SMW Autoblok

Collaborative robot

CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L (long arm version) collaborative robots offer a 10kg payload with 1,249mm and 1,418mm of reach. Advantages include:


  • Contact stop detection

Easy installation

  • No experience using a robot necessary to set up cobots
  • Lightweight, compact arm fits most floor space configurations

Easy programming, use

  • Compact R-30iB Plus mini controller
  • Lead-though teach programming, tablet interface with icons for touch control
  • CRX-10iA/L arm’s swing motion eases accessing/grabbing parts behind robot
  • Connects with third-party grippers


  • Built using same technology, systems as traditional industrial robots

Fanuc America Corp.

Vertical machining center series

The FZ/DZ 25 vertical machining center (VMC) series for high-production machining of complex, large-volume, automotive structural components features an 800mm spindle distance and speeds up to 20,000rpm. The two-spindle DZ 25 P 5-axis, designed for double-spindle machining of large aluminum structural components, has a 799mm work area per position.

Operation and loading take place on separate sides of the machine to improve processing of large workpieces. This allows optimum access to the working area and a good view of the process – even if the machining center is supplemented by a pallet changer for workpiece changes during machining. Automation options include a robot, pallet changer, and pallet changer plus robot. The machine can also be directly loaded by gantry in high- production systems.

Chiron America Inc.