A thermal-vision automotive development kit (ADK) features a high-resolution Boson thermal camera core so automakers, suppliers, and innovators can improve advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving vehicles.

With machine-learning algorithms for object classification, the ADK provides far infrared data to deliver information in common environments where other sensors experience challenges, such as darkness, shadows, sun glare, fog, smoke, or haze. The thermal-vision ADK augments the sensor suite and offers redundancy for safety systems.

The ADK is IP67 rated and includes an integrated heated window for improved performance in all-weather testing. It also features gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL), universal serial bus (USB), and Ethernet connections.

FLIR Systems Inc.

Camera system on chip

The CV22AQ automotive camera system-on-chip (SoC) features CVflow computer vision architecture for deep neural network (DNN) processing. Target applications include advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) cameras, electronic mirrors with blind-spot detection (BSD), interior driver and cabin monitoring cameras, and around-view monitors (AVM) with parking assist. The SoC’s performance exceeds European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) requirements for applications such as lane keeping, automatic emergency braking (AEB), intelligent headlight control, and speed assistance.

Fabricated using 10nm process technology, its low power consumption supports the small form factor and thermal requirements of windshield-mounted forward-facing ADAS cameras.

CVflow architecture provides computer vision processing in 8MP resolution at 30 frames per second (fps), enabling high-accuracy object recognition at long distances. CV22AQ supports multiple image sensor inputs for multi-field of view (FOV) cameras and creates multiple digital FOVs using a single high-resolution image sensor. It enables DNNs for object detection, classification (i.e. pedestrians, vehicles, traffic signs, and traffic lights), tracking, as well as high-resolution semantic segmentation for free space detection.

CV22AQ is currently sampling to leading Tier-1 customers and Tier-2 algorithm providers. Chip samples with ASIL-B support are targeted to be available this year.

Ambarella Inc.

Tube, pipe fasteners

The MOC collection of tube and pipe fasteners for fluid routing systems in the automotive, truck, and heavy equipment markets is for fuel; brake; vacuum; venting; cable and harness; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); and powertrain thermal management applications. Various size and configuration combinations allow manufacturers to find exact solutions for applications and avoid costly customization.

The MOC product line consists of open clips and locking clamps that can be coupled in configurations to bundle and separate hoses, pipes, tubes, cables, and harnesses. Additional mounting options can be added to secure routing systems to the vehicle or sheet metal.