The next-generation SV-30 honing series machines engine cylinder blocks, cylinder liners, and other engine parts. Six standard models include four step-and-repeat capability versions allowing automatic bore-to-bore processing for in-line and V-block configurations, reducing setup time and improving bore quality. Two models are available with a manual X-axis.

A PC control with simplified menus and storage for more than 1,000 setups supports quick changeovers. The SV-30 also includes spindle reversal, standard bore oversize setup (0.010"/0.020"/0.030"), and automatic tool protection at the top and bottom of the bore, which verifies an unobstructed stroke before starting a cycle.

Models include a variable-speed 6hp (4.5kW) servo or 5.5hp (4.1kW) induction spindle motor, producing speeds from 50rpm to 600rpm. A 3.4hp (2.5kW) servo ballscrew system produces up to 100 true vertical strokes per minute with a stroke travel up to 27.75" (705mm).

The linear stroking drive maintains concentricity with the bore throughout the full stroke to produce a consistent diameter from top to bottom. A 48" x 30" (1,219mm x 760mm) work envelope allows versatility in processing larger parts.

The spindle reversal feature is especially helpful during finishing strokes, creating a slightly rounder bore. Honing stones remove any less-than-round shapes left after initial passes, while shaping up and dressing the stones. Reversing the spindle also removes folded-over metal and cleans debris out of valleys in the surface finish.

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