RS007N and RS007L 6-axis compact robots have a 7kg max. payload, offering a fast, flexible solution for assembly, material handling, machine tending, and other light-duty applications.

Based on existing R series robots, the RS007N and RS007L use a redesigned arm structure that, coupled with weight reductions, produces 12,100mm/s operating speeds and increased working ranges. A cantilevered upper arm supports longer maximum reach and expanded motion range below, behind, and around the robot. The floor- or ceiling-mount models can house vision cables, sensor harnesses, and air lines inside the arm structure, preventing interference with and from peripheral equipment.

Kawasaki Robotics USA Inc.

Quick-change robotic tool solutions

An expanded range of special tools can mount directly to the robot arm, allowing companies to continue using a trusted supplier as they increase their use of automation. Tools are available for deburring, stainless steel machining, drilling, tapping, and surface treatment applications. Standardized air and hydraulic connections at the robot arm and tool automate the quick-change system.

Consumable abrasives can be disposed and reloaded with the quick-change system, reducing downtime. Surface finish applications can rapidly swap between various abrasive grades, reducing non-machining time for parts that had historically required multiple finish steps.

Lightweight, powerful servo motors achieve up to 12,000rpm with timing belt drive components made for continuous operation. Grinding tools use an M14 spindle that can use commercially available grinding discs.

Suhner Industrial Products Corp.

Tool dispensing system

The Unibase-S single automatic dispenser can connect to existing storage systems or be used as a standalone tool storage and management system. Installed directly on the workbench, 96 or 192 compartments can store indexable inserts, tools, chucks, or personal protective equipment, saving employees trips to the central warehouse, ensuring production-related article procurement, and reducing logistics costs.

Article removal requires the employee to log on to the device via the integrated touchscreen. If no employee is logged on, the system’s central locks are active. After the employee selects the desired article, LED illumination indicates the compartment with the corresponding article. The employee manually rotates a dispensing drum to the removal position, allowing the article to be removed. The system automatically registers the withdrawal to monitor consumables usage.

Mapal Inc.