Norton carbide burrs offer surface removal on demanding production runs with fewer changeovers. The hardness of a tungsten carbide substrate, stronger tooth formulation due to a decreased tooth wedge angle, and numerous cutting edges extend life and improve stock removal performance.

The Norton double-cut carbide burrs efficiently remove surface stock and weld splatter, deburr and chamfer, and support medium to light cleaning. Tool geometries meet the growing demands for stainless steel, steel, cast steel, and composites applications. The burrs perform well at higher temperatures and can be used longer than high-speed steel tools.

The burrs can be used on handheld tools or automated CNC machines. The Norton carbide burr line encompasses 30 tools offered in seven types:

  • SA cylindrical without end cut
  • SB cylindrical with end cut
  • SC ball-nosed cylindrical
  • SD ball shape
  • SF ball-nosed tree
  • SG tree with taper
  • SL ball-nosed cone style

A kit is available that includes the most popular five burr types for smaller job requirements.

Norton Saint-Gobain Abrasives

Lubricant application system

Spra-Rite high pressure lubricant spray systems atomize and apply thick, emulsified lubricants of a rich dilution, which are often needed to process advanced high-strength steels (AHSS).

Generating pressures up to 500psi, Spra-Rite systems distribute lubricant from the reservoir tank, propelling it through a filter, then through a Z-nozzle, where it is atomized and applied to specific areas of the stamping or drawing tooling and/or the stock. The systems feature an electronic process control package, providing individual control of lubricant volume, delay spray, and skip cycle of up to 48 individual spray nozzles for precise lubricant application.

Industrial Innovations Inc.

Nested wave springs

The Nested Spirawave wave spring series features multiple-turn, flat-wire wave springs coiled in parallel to produce 2x to 3x as much force as traditional single-turn wave springs. Nested Spirawave springs can replace stacks of single-turn springs, eliminating misalignment and inconsistent loading.

Tangle-resistant designs allow for simple, time-saving automated handling, reducing costs by simplifying assembly. Standard Nested Spirawave springs are available from 0.5" to 4.0" or 16mm to 100mm in carbon and stainless steel. Custom parts in carbon steel, stainless steel, or exotic alloys are available from 0.127" to 120" or 4mm to 3,000mm.