The low energy integrated circuit (IC) is compliant with the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) core specification 4.2 – including support for a secure connection, LE privacy features, and extended packet length. Designed for use in automotive environments, it contains analog radio frequency and baseband digital parts, providing a solution in a low-profile (40-pin 6mm x 6mm x 1mm) QFN wettable flank package with a pin pitch of 0.5mm. The package supports automatic visual inspection.

The device provides Bluetooth Host Control Interface (HCI) and low energy generic attribute profile functions. The IC becomes an application processor when used with external non-volatile memory. It can also be used with an external host processor. By providing a wireless connection to sensors, the IC can be used in remote key systems and other applications, reducing cabling.

Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corp./Toshiba Memory Corp.

Ethernet network

The 10Gbps automotive Ethernet backbone solution integrates reliable signal integrity, prioritization, scalability, and security.

The end-to-end Ethernet-based solution operates at high bandwidth across multiple hardware and software components. With secure over-the-air updateability for software and firmware, the solution helps avoid vehicle recalls and enables in-vehicle diagnostics over Internet protocol.

Molex LLC