The LP 100 gantry robot system for handling smaller and lighter components provides high-speed and high-load gantry configurations. The robot’s weight category includes most cylinder heads, gearbox housings, and alternative drivetrain units such as electric or hybrid engines. The robot’s design allows customers to select a wider clearance between uprights for additional production-line design and installation options.

Engineers designed the gantry robots to support smaller, lighter engines and transmissions. As workpiece weight falls, gantry robots can take on transportation work that had been handled by higher-capacity conveyor systems.

Bimba buys vacuum equipment supplier Vaccon

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion solutions provider Bimba has acquired Vaccon Co. Inc., a supplier of vacuum pumps and cups, end-of-arm tools, and accessories.

Bimba President Pat Ormsby says, “The addition of Vaccon’s vacuum technology to our distribution channel increases Bimba’s strategic value in our targeted industries, including packaging, automotive, factory automation, and material handling.”

The company’s vacuum products use a rugged, straight-through, single-stage, venturi design, allowing particles, dust, and contaminants to pass through the pump without clogging or malfunction. Vaccon’s products are typically found in pick-and-place applications from assembly to waste clean-ups.

Direct-drive linear motor stages

Physik Instrumente (PI) LP PIMag linear motor stages add two models and a controller designed for automation, micro-assembly, biotechnology, laser beam control, optics, lens testing, and photonics alignment. Incremental and absolute-type linear encoders support direct position measurement and ironless 3-phase motors and single-phase, voice-coil drives. Ironless, non-cogging linear motors provide smooth motion, a dynamic velocity range, and rapid acceleration.