WFL Millturn Technologies has always been involved in the area of automation. From articulated robots to gantry loaders, all systems that are combined with a MILLTURN bring an element of high-tech and a breath of fresh air into the automation of WFL’s machinery. The acquisition of FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH represents another step toward innovation in complete machining, paving the way for a digital future.

Automated and flexible systems are playing an increasingly significant role in the production of workpieces. Automation solutions are in high demand, particularly for smaller machine series, as the machine times are short and the batch sizes high. More and more sectors are showing increased interest in the area of automation, above all due to the possibility of introducing unattended night and weekend shifts. WFL Millturn Technologies works with different automation variants for automated workpiece loading and unloading, depending on each customer’s requirements. The series ranges from gantry loaders through to articulated robots. Peripheral transport and storage systems for workpieces, tools, and clamping devices can be combined as desired.

This brings some key advantages for the user, such as continuous productivity with minimal operating effort. Automated machines are also ideally suited to repetitive tasks. However, robots are not only used in large-scale series production; there are also many advantages to automation for small batch sizes, when used in combination with easy-to-program software.

Customer-specific options, such as unloading samples, inscribing, cleaning, measuring blank parts, or even additional processing tasks performed by the robot like deburring, provide optimal conditions for automation.

Using data intelligently

With a MILLTURN, you are well-equipped for the future when it comes to automation, connectivity, and artificial intelligence. The WFL DATA ANALYZER provides the perfect overview of the entire production line. This enables free productivity potential to be identified immediately and subsequently harnessed. Production data on machine status can be recorded and responded to in no time using smartphones, tablets, laptops or a PC. Key figures on production control are available to the user in real time. Process control – the system for collision and tool breakage monitoring developed by WFL Millturn Technologies – records all cutting force components that may arise via separate input channels. This principle helps to supervise, in a very comprehensive way, all loads occurring in the machine. Overloads in one or several axes, caused for example by a tool breakage, can thus be recognized with relative accuracy.

Sensor technology pioneer

Sensor technology is of particular importance to ensure optimum protection of the machine, tool, and workpiece. WFL is a pioneer in this area, and thanks to smart tools are equipped with sensor technology, the machine is able to identify load peaks and respond immediately to them. As an “intelligent tool,” the CoroPlus® boring bar, with its unique use of sensors, provides information on capacity, temperature and deflection of the boring bar as well as the reached surface finish, and intervenes adaptively in the machining process in case of overload.