The HFKS-2G weight optimized power chuck uses flats and large through-holes to minimize inertia, maximize part accessibility, and reduce spindle wear.

Designed for high-volume lathe and mill-turn applications, the chuck supports heavy-duty precision machining of easily deformed workpieces. Flats on the chuck body and the lighter weight allow the use of shorter tools to gain closer access to workpieces, providing added part precision and cost efficiency.

A wedge hook mechanism combined with a multi-jaw guide multiplies points of contact and provides added surface connection and stability. This guidance system features inclined geometry that mechanically locks the master jaw after clamping against the chuck body, dramatically reducing jaw movement.

An integrated, centrifugal-force compensation system enables higher speeds and delivers 2x the grip force at maximum speed compared to standard 3-jaw chucks.

Direct lubrication channels and grease reservoirs integrated in the jaw guideways ensure constant clamp force and improved accuracy in harsh machining environments. The lubrication system minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs.

The chuck body and internal parts are case hardened for increased chuck life and high rigidity, precision, and durability. It accepts inch serrated top jaws and is available in 165mm to 320mm sizes.

SMW Autoblok