FuelSense 2.0 software produced 12% fuel savings during an 18-month trial in France. Software installed in four Renault refuse collection trucks switched vehicles to Eco mode instead of Performance mode, enabling the vehicles to travel an average of 1,200km (745 miles) per month or 21,000km (13,048 miles) each. In addition to significant fuel savings, CO2 emissions were reduced on all four vehicles by almost 5 tonnes while maintaining vehicle performance.

FuelSense 2.0 software features DynActive Shifting and an intelligent algorithm which continuously assesses driving conditions to best adjust gear changes. The algorithm considers factors such as vehicle weight, road gradient, and the frequency of stops and starts. https://www.allisontransmission.com

Flyback switcher IC

The InnoSwitch3-AQ, an AEC-Q100-qualified flyback switcher with integrated 750V MOSFET and secondary-side sensing, is designed for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

The switcher uses high-speed FluxLink coupling to achieve ±3% accuracy for combined line and load regulation while eliminating dedicated isolated transformer sense-windings and optocouplers. The 750V MOSFET meets stringent automotive de-rating requirements, and an on-chip synchronous rectifier controller delivers more than 90% efficiency at nominal 400VDC input voltage. Optimized InnoSwitch3-AQ designs achieve less than 10mW no-load energy usage across the input voltage range. The RDR-840Q reference design kit with the integrated circuit demonstrates start-up, shutdown, and efficient operation from 30VDC to 550VDC input. https://www.power.com