The e-spool flex cable reel can guide energy, media, and data cables without interruption, increasing safety at manual workstations and operating panels. Tools and operating panels often require long hose and cable lengths for flexible operation. However, running lines across the manufacturing floor can create tripping hazards. Cable reels with slip rings offer a solution for energy transmission but are often available only as a complete package with a new cable. Transmitting large amounts of data and media is also very complicated with slip rings.

The e-spool flex cable winder does not require a slip ring, allowing bus cables and hoses for air and liquids to be guided without interruption. Users insert cables or hoses into a worm guide that fits the outer and winding housing of the e-spool flex. Cables can move freely in use and are quickly and cleanly stowed away after use.


2-jaw clamping module

A workholding system adds a 2-jaw module to clamp cubic parts. Round workpieces are clamped from the outside with clamping heads (collets) within the collet chuck. Larger diameter workpieces, beyond the capacity of the collet chuck, can be clamped with the 3-jaw module. For cubic parts positioned centrically on machining centers and milling machines, the 2-jaw module allows changeover from clamping round parts to cubic ones in <2 minutes.

The 2-jaw module can handle turning applications up to 1,500rpm. Its compact profile provides an alternative to large, heavy centric vises. Changeover between the 2-jaw and 3-jaw modules is possible without removing and realigning the collet chuck, due to the Centrex quick-change interface. The chuck-and-jaw modules can replace large, heavy vises found in many shops.

Hainbuch America

Yaw, pitch stages

YP100-45-01 and YP100-45-02 dual-axis yaw and pitch stages feature a yaw axis that can rotate in either direction and an integrated pitch axis with a travel of ±45°. The YP100-45-01 (stepper motor driven) and the YP100-45-02 (brushless servo motor driven) precisely measure angles or curves of an object and support coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

End of travel limit switches signal the controller to stop the motion at each end. Stepper motor knobs can be replaced with an optional optical encoder for precision position verification. The YP100-45-02 features servo motors and optical encoders for precise closed-loop operation and faster travel speeds. Each axis has a calibrated indicator to display the angle of yaw and pitch axes.

Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES)