Gear-skiving machines

LK 300 and LK 500 gear-skiving machines use components of large hobbing machines with process modifications including higher rigidity and more-powerful spindles. A table with a direct drive supports high workpiece speeds, and the drive works with an automatic control to optimize parameters. A custom clamping fixture links the workpiece to the machine.

The LHGe@rTec control system contains mathematical formulas for pressure angle corrections, achieving quality improvements via the kinematics of the machine. An optional tool changer can switch between roughing and finishing tools. A ring-loader workpiece changing device is standard, and other automation solutions, such as belts and robots are available as options.

Liebherr Group

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Automated pallet handling system

MMS Version 6 software automates pallet handling plan production from an enterprise resources planning (ERP) system or pallet stacker system (PSS). MMS administers NC programs needed for the production processes and manages tool data and tool life, prompting the operator for new tooling if required.

MMS Version 6’s user interface is based on HTML 5 technologies, supporting any device with a modern web browser. The use of smart phones and tablet PCs enables users to plan and access the system from anywhere with an Internet connection to monitor live production data.


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Workholding towers, modules

Offering high density, accuracy, and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes, SeraLock towers, and WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules allow machining a group of dissimilar workpieces or numerous single parts in the same setup.

Reusable clamping components for the SeraLock towers can be mixed and matched to accommodate varying part sizes. A system of self-aligning modules enables creation of the equivalent of a custom fixture that can be reconfigured as part sizes change. WedgeLock or MoveLock modules have quick, repeatable accuracy and small strokes to minimize clamping time.

SeraLock Towers are available in 4-sided and 2-sided towers with a base that will mount to a horizontal machining center (HMC) or an indexer for vertical machining center (VMC) applications.

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