CNC knee mill

The VK4II CNC knee mill offers a 3-axis control and can be run as manual, teach, or full CNC. Its Z-axis provides good rigidity and allows the axis to be operated manually with a quill handle.

Featuring the Milltronics Series 8200-B CNC, the VK4II can be programmed with G-code or a CAM system. A navigation function supports solid-model graphics, 3D pocket, DXF import, pockets and islands, tool tables, help screens, mid-program restart, handwheel run, scaling, mirror image, rotate, and a variety of canned cycles.

Milltronics USA

Wiper inserts

Wiper inserts developed for the Walter BLAXX M3024 allows semi-finishing and finishing operations to be combined into a single operation without adjusting the finishing cutting edges.

Milling cutters with indexable inserts support multi-step production of components as well as components made from stainless steels, cast materials, and steel. Additional features of the inserts include process reliability and soft cutting action.

Walter USA

CAD/CAM updates

WorkNC 2017 R2 is a specialized CAD/CAM solution for 2- to 5-axis machining. The WorkNC Waveform significantly improves standard roughing technologies with consistent material removal while increasing tool and machine life.

The 2017 R2 automates and simplifies the machining sequence process, giving step-by-step assistance during toolpath programming. The machining process now informs the user of any missing data in the work zone, such as views, curves, and points, allowing for last-minute corrections.

Vero Software