Used to measure angles of objects or move an object to a precise angular position along an arc, two goniometer stages mounted in an alpha-beta configuration (stacked) can rotate an object around a fixed point in space on a spherical surface.

Stacked, precision-aligned goniometer stages offer a rotation center 50mm above the upper stage. The AK110-10 lower goni- ometer stage features a 65mm x 65mm table, ±10° of rotation at a rate of 7° per sec. The AK110-15 upper goniometer stage features a 65mm x 65mm table, ±15° of rotation at a rate of 10° per sec.

The AK110-15-10 goniometer stacked stage is available with either stepper, servo motors, optical encoders, or manual adjustment knobs. It has a 169mm x 169mm footprint and can be supplied plug-and-play with a motion controller.

Optimal Engineering Systems Inc.

Festo expands custom assembly, kitting operations; opening new facility in Ohio

Festo, a producer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation, will close its Appleton, Wisconsin, center and move custom assembly and kitting services to a larger facility in Mason, Ohio. The move places custom services within a few miles of the parts and logistics resources of the Festo North American Regional Service Center.

The 15,000ft2 customer solutions facility will be located at 4028 Binion Way, Mason, Ohio, about five miles from the parts and distribution resources of the regional service center at 7777 Columbia Rd. in Mason. The facility will support customers with customized multi-axis systems and components, assembly and kitting services, and pre-assembled control cabinets.

In 2016, Festo moved its distribution and assembly operations from Hauppauge, New York, to a 230,000ft2 regional service center in Mason. The regional center serves customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and is comprised of logistics, production, purchasing, and engineering. Festo employs nearly 180 people in Mason and targets 250 employees by end of 2018.

Linear recirculating ball bearing, improved guideway assemblies

Updated six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies (KUSE) have an improved infeed-zone design on carriage saddle plates, increasing load ratings by up to 44%, depending on the size and design. The improvements boost rating life 3x compared to conventional designs.

High rigidity and low pulse amplitude allow KUSE assemblies to be used in low-vibration applications that require very high accuracy.

The contour of the infeed zone of KUSE X-life guidance systems has been optimized to reduce stroke pulsation. At a load of 1.35 tons, the pulsation amplitude is less than 0.1µm, a reduction of 83%.

Six rows of balls support the loads: four rows of balls support loads in a compressive direction with a contact angle of 45°, while two rows of balls support tensile loads. To increase their load carrying capacity, these two rows of balls have a 60° contact angle. Lateral loads are transmitted by three rows of balls.

Schaeffler Group