The 2SP-2500H lathe combines two spindles on one machine for increased throughput of mass-produced parts. At IMTS 2018 it will demonstrate cutting an automotive bearing.

A standard, high-speed overhead gantry loader enables long, unattended production runs. A modified turret orientation allows easier access to tools, reducing workpiece transport and changeover times to slash cycle times up to 17%.

Okuma America Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #338500

Large through-hole sealed chuck

The sealed BP series chuck with large through-hole combines the flexibility of a standard open center power chuck with the long life and precision of sealed chucks, making it suitable for bar and bar stock clamping as well as shaft clamping.

Available in three sizes, the BP is sealed from outside contaminants to maintain constant grip force for repeatability and consistency. Non-sealed chucks can lose more than 50% of the grip force if not maintained properly.

Proofline sealed for minimal maintenance intervention, permanent grease lubrication provides consistent clamping force and reduces wear on the chuck, allowing longer maintenance intervals. The chucks also hold up in the harsh environments of dry machining, abrasive powders, and high-pressure or corrosive coolants.

SMW Autoblok
IMTS 2018 Booth #431700

Rotary axis calibration software

CARTO 3.0 software for the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator allows users to quickly capture and analyze machine performance data from rotary axes. The XM-60 multi-axis calibrator can be used with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator, providing a single software solution for multiple laser-calibration products.

Combining the capabilities of the XR20-W, XM-60, and CARTO 3.0 reduces calibration time for a 5-axis machine tool from several days to within half a day.

It analyzes multiple error types during different time frames, building a comprehensive overview of a machine’s performance. CARTO 3.0 automatically stores complete datasets for each machine tool within a single database. By independently comparing the errors associated with each axis, users can plan preventative maintenance schedules.

IMTS 2018 Booth #135509