Aligned Vision

Laservision Automotive leverages artificial intelligence (AI)-based automatic inspection technology to fill a strategic gap between the automotive industry’s currently available inspection technologies and its quality objectives. The open-platform, in-process automatic inspection system offers detailed inspection throughout a 9m2 field of vision (FOV). Laservision performs automatic, CAD-directed calibrated image capture. Image analysis uses algorithms created through machine learning, and inspection results are available in real-time.

The system can inspect virtually any visible product attribute, from the absence of surface scratches and foreign objects and debris (FOD), to stitching orientation.

Aligned Vision

Electric spindle system

NSK America

The iSpeed5, fully tool changeable, high-speed electric spindle, 350W (0.5hp) variable-speed system is available with 60,000rpm or 80,000rpm max. speeds. The iSpeed5 controller can run multiple motor spindles at different parameters and can be integrated with a machine tool CNC control. The system eliminates external motor cords or air lines, allowing continuous, lights-out, high-speed machining. The motor spindle(s) connect to the controller through a constant clean stop block. The iSpeed5 guarantees less than 1µm TIR. Spindles are available in most CAT, BT, and HSK tapers.

NSK America Corp.

Dormer Pramet

High-speed drill

The Precision Twist Drill (PTD) HX combines the toughness of a high-strength steel (HSS) substrate with a 135° split-point design to reduce thrust requirements and eliminate walking while providing greater strength and rigidity than general purpose drills. Users achieve increased efficiency and better tool life, reducing cost per hole.

The PTD HX can deliver up to 70% more holes in moderate conditions than standard offerings, delivers 18% more holes in heavy conditions, and up to 30% more holes in light conditions.

Flute geometry optimizes chip evacuation, and purple/bronze oxide coating increases wear resistance. The HX is available in HX10 fractional sizes, HX15 letter sizes, and HX18 wire-gauge sizes. Also available is a 29-piece fractional set (sizes 1/16" to 1/2" x 64ths).

Dormer Pramet