Photo credit: Techman Robot

large Japanese automotive manufacturer recently adopted collaborative robots (cobots) to process final quality checks of all detailed assembly inspections. The robot’s manufacturer helped install the next-generation smart inspection system using a customized stand including four cobots.

The cobots feature built-in smart vision with short-, middle-, and long-range lenses, but the inspection system required 36 additional external front and rear cameras. The installation is the automaker’s only facility using the automated optical inspection (AOI) system and AI smart inspection solution. A ceiling-mounted arm can move inside/outside the car to inspect items including wipers, horns, seats, seat belts, steering wheels, dashboards, and center consoles. All inspection data can be photographed and saved to enable traceability and guarantee outgoing quality.

The car manufacturer says the TMflow user-friendly interface allows a well-trained attendant to quickly program routines based on different car types or demands without needing a system integrator. Built-in smart vision allows the customer to record inspection data more efficiently to improve quality and implement data archiving and traceability.

Techman Robot