Freedom Classic scan portable measuring arm in its case.

Freedom family 3D articulating arm metrology systems are available as 6-axis or 7-axis models with two accuracy levels for each and six size options – a total of 24 variations. The 6-axis model is for touch probing, and a 7-axis version supports multi-sensor metrology including laser scanning. Sizes offer up to 197" (5m) reach.

The portable arms can support line-side measuring and inspection in factories or in-process quality control on machine tools. Freedom Classic models are entry level systems with lower resolution, while higher-resolution Freedom Select models come with a calibration bar.

A Freedom arm model in action.

Carbon fiber tubular construction ensures stability. Infinite rotation and a counterbalance make manual movements light, promoting ease of use. Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power allow wireless touch probing for maximum flexibility. The arms can be stowed and locked in place between measurements or during relocation. The largest Freedom arm model weighs less than 24 lb (11kg).

Absolute rotary encoders feed angular position data for every joint to control software, so the equipment can be used immediately on start-up, avoiding probe calibration before use. An LCD display with a quick-access menu on the probe wrist offers useful information directly to the operator.

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