The Triform model 610-20-3 deep-draw sheet-hydroforming press for low-volume, high-mix part production uses a pressurized rubber diaphragm to form complex net-shaped parts with a single, un-mated tool. Diaphragm pressure and punch position are controlled to 1% of full scale and ±0.002" respectively. The In-Sight tool allows users to easily develop recipes for any deep drawn part.

It features intuitive controls, recipe handling, and data acquisition for strict part traceability. A PressLink remote support module connects technicians with the press on site to expedite troubleshooting, maintenance, program updates, and training.

Beckwood Corp.

Composite material roughing, finishing tools

The JC898 rougher and JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher support holemaking and milling operations in hybrid stacked materials in racing components shops and other manufacturers struggling with laminated composites.

The JC898’s frontal teeth design for helical interpolation reduces cutting forces and minimizes delamination risk when working with hybrid stacked materials, which can put lots of pressure on Z-axis drilling and generate chips that damage the machined hole’s surface finish.

The finisher, JC899, features a two-in-one geometry that eliminates problems with delamination and fiber pulling out when working with stacked materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) combined with titanium/aluminum. With the JC898 rougher, the JC899 finisher offers 3x-to-6x more tool life compared to conventional drill/reamer combinations. The tools generate pollution-free holes and side walls with clean surface finishes, delivering up to 300% greater process efficiency.

The JC898 and JC899 handle lengths or stack heights ranging from 15mm to 60mm. The JC898 is available in 8mm or 15mm diameters, while the JC899 is available in 8.5mm and 14.8mm (finisher) as well as in a 0.375" diameter.

Seco Tools

5-axis multi-tasking machining center

The Variaxis C-600 full simultaneous 5-axis multi-tasking machining center features a flexible, automation-ready design and the Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC. An automation-ready machine enclosure, operator-friendly ergonomic design, and wide optional equipment range allow users to improve productivity. Rapid traverse rates are 40% faster than older machines; the automatic tool changer (ATC) offers 4.5 sec. chip-to-chip times; and the machine’s construction double-ended tilting table and C-frame design provide shorter non-cut times.

Mazak Corp.