An advanced line of end mills featuring unique geometry for high-performance machining of turbine and bladed components, Turbine End Mills reduce cycle times and extend tool life in challenging forms and materials, including titanium, nickel alloys, and aluminum alloys. A stable design features tapered flute construction. PVD-applied, highly hard, heat-resistant coatings and new geometry enable aluminum machining.

Emuge Corp.
EASTEC 2019 Booth #5369

Hand-held laser

The AL-ARM hand-held laser system repairs vehicle body-in-white defects such as porosity, bleed-through, and offset seams. Workers can use the compact system to repair mold tools without removing them from the press, minimizing setup and repair times.

An automated wire feeding for wire thicknesses up to 0.6mm feeds the handset, which is connected to the power supply with a 3.5m energy chain. A 450W fiber laser delivers welding spot sizes between 0.3mm and 4.0mm at a focal distance of 120mm.

Augmented-reality (AR) welding goggles allow users to simultaneously monitor the environment and welding process. Integrated workpiece detection ensures the laser and the welding process can only be activated when the handset touches the workpiece.

TLM Laser

Flow assembly rack

A flow rack features four levels for product presentation, each with three lanes. The top level allows the empty container to be returned to the service aisle. The flow rack is built with electro-static discharge (ESD) light gray pipe and nickel-plated metal joints for anti-static operation. Each flow rack lane includes ESD skatewheel conveyor rollers.

The rack’s lanes feature physical separators on both sides so boxes are contained and separated as they flow. Each supply lane has an extra angle at the picking position for enhanced view and for easier component selection. Front-and back-label holders for each lane ensure accurate loading and picking.

A stair-step design allows raising or lowering each level without changing conveyor length. The supply lanes feature an EF-2018 pivoting stop (an anti-back device). The gravity stopper allows material to be loaded without impediment, then it automatically flips up to keep the container in the lane. The swing arm of the EF-2018 rests in the up position via gravity. Six heavy-duty stem casters allow easy movement and relocation.

Creform Corp.

CNC user panels

Sinumerik CNC Blackline touch panels include a sidescreen enhancement, allowing users to customize the panel layout in real-time using drag-and-drop technology. Screens can be customized to view documents, camera projections, web server access information, access protection data for IT security protocols, and user administration. The feature supports ongoing machine tool status checking, easy navigation, elimination of mechanical keys, and the ability to add keyboards.

Sinumerik CNC sidescreen can be opened or closed on either side of the master operator panel, which allows positioning to suit the design and viewing angles on the machine for operator ease of use.

Siemens Industry Inc.
EASTEC 2019 Booth #2012

Transfer die, large stamping tool development

Transfer die tryout and large-tool production are available under one ram, due to the addition of a 280", 2,750-ton Eagle stamping press and linear transfer system for running transfer tooling and ancillary equipment.

Tool production and tryout are available in high-strength, low-alloy HSLA) 980 steel, dual-phase steel, transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steel, and other materials. Computer-aided design (CAD) software and laser technologies allow quick assessment and correction of material springback conditions early in development.

Dies are tested with full-production feed rates, sensors, and scrap shedding capabilities. For transfer dies, the press can handle coils of aluminum or steel in widths up to 72.0", coil weight of 50,000 lb; and material thickness (depending on width and tensile strength) up to 5mm (0.2").

Tooling Tech Group
(Majestic Industries)