Envirocron powder-coating technology delivers edge-corrosion protection in one coat. Formulated to cover sharp edges created during metal fabrication, the technology provides better coverage than standard one-coat and two-coat powder systems, protecting vulnerable metal areas exposed to corrosive conditions. The direct-to-metal coatings are fully reclaimable and save users material, labor, utilities, and time.

The system does not require primer, and applicators do not need to modify existing coatings lines or add equipment. Applicators can also save by not finishing edges with mechanical edge rounding or blasting equipment.

The coatings are available standard and custom-matched colors, including mica and metallics, and can be applied using manual and automatic powder coating systems.

PPG Industrial Coatings

Cam torque actuators

Intelligent cam torque actuation (iCTA) delivers better fuel economy and reduced emissions. Hydraulic cam phasing iCTA technology blends attributes of cam torque actuation (CTA) and torsional assist (TA) phaser technologies.

The technology works with all engine architectures but is best suited for inline, 4-cylinder (I4) engines with low or varying cam-torque energy.

iCTA allows the engine to be tuned for optimal valve opening and closing to maximize airflow when the engine needs it, and minimize it when it doesn’t. Recirculating oil within the actuator reduces oil demand and engine parasitic losses compared to competing I4 solutions.

Cam torque causes spinning cam shafts to oscillate. The iCTA captures the torque and uses the energy to augment energy from the engine oil pump. The technology works with front-mounted, variable-force solenoid controls and a center-mounted spool valve that is contained within the bolt that mounts the phaser to the camshaft.

This technology is expected to first appear on a variety of vehicles from two major vehicle manufacturers in China and North America in 2019 and 2020.

BorgWarner Inc.

Mining-vehicle transmissions

The Spicer TE50 powershift transmission for large load-haul dumpers, trucks used in underground mining, and wheel loaders, is engineered for vehicles from 544hp to 816hp (400kW to 600kW). Launching in the second half of 2019, the transmission enhances performance through improved fuel efficiency, smoother shifting, more precise vehicle handling, and optimized braking.

The Spicer TE50 transmission fits within current vehicle design envelopes and is offered with a 4- or 8-speed gearbox for optimized shifting ratios. It is available with advanced automatic lockup, which improves fuel efficiency by enabling direct drive at low speeds. An integrated, automatic retarder reduces brake wear and enables smoother, quieter braking. The transmission also comes with three heavy-duty, auxiliary pump drives.

Dana Inc.