The 48V system high-power battery boosts the performance of mild hybrid road vehicles, with potential for 15% improvement in fuel economy. The design will enable better energy recovery and a faster charge, boosting efficiency. A more-capable battery pack boosts efficiency on the road, offering 12% fuel savings compared to new Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty vehicles test Procedure (WLTP) standards, assuming internal combustion engine (ICE) efficiency remains constant.

A liquid coolant has also been implemented to improve cooling performance and battery life.

Mahle Powertrain

Harting’s e-mobility technologies

Data and power connections company Harting Technology group has created fast-charging technology for Rinspeed’s microSnap vehicle.

Harting Automotive offers custom solutions and components and develops and produces charging equipment for electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).

“Air pollution control requirements will only be met with e-mobility, especially in cities. Consequently, we’ve focused on this in our R&D and production and are also involved in all aspects of standardization,” says Marco Grinblats, managing director of Harting Automotive.

The technology group has been supplying Volkswagen with an e-mobility solution since 2016, providing charging equipment for the Porsche Panamera 4-Hybrid and other vehicles. Harting Automotive is also a Tier 1 supplier to the BMW Group.


In-wheel motor prototype

A traction motor that can fit inside wheel hubs provides higher efficiency as a result of driving the wheels directly and bypassing conventional power transmission mechanisms. This allows for lighter and more compact designs. Independent control of the wheels also opens the possibility of making further improvements to electronic stability control (ESC) and traction control systems (TCS).

Features include high power and torque density and lightweight properties. The prototype has a motor with integrated reduction gears and an oil cooling system. By leveraging the technology developed for the e-axle, a single in-wheel motor can achieve a power output greater than 100kW (134hp) – equivalent to a 1.8L class gasoline engine – while weighing 32kg and being compact enough to fit inside a 20" wheel. The motor is compatible with the rear-wheel drive (RWD), front-wheel drive (FWD), and all-wheel drive (4WD) car layouts. Mass production of the motor is expected in 2023.

Nidec Corp.