The EVO Cam II digital microscope offers up to 300x optical magnification, 12x digital zoom (combined magnification up to 3,600x), customizable overlays to aid inspection, up to 10 pre-sets for reduced setup time, and the option to wirelessly save images.

The microscope is equipped with dimensioning capabilities using a grid overlay in the X- and Y-axis. The large zoom range measures different-sized components without multiple systems. With a custom pre-set, calibrations at set zoom positions are saved for rapid dimensioning results.

Vision Engineering Inc.

Precision coolant controls

The CoroThread 266 thread turning tool with precision over- and under-coolant improves process security and maximizes efficiency. The over-coolant improves chip formation for more secure machining. Under-coolant controls temperature for long, predictable tool life. Precision coolant also improves surface finish, supporting high-quality threads.

A variety of insert thread profiles with grades and geometries are available for all materials.

Sandvik Coromant

Multi-tasking hybrid machine

The VC-500 additive manufacturing (AM) hybrid multi- tasking machine combines 5-axis capability and additive technology, reducing time to market and research and development costs.

The VC-500 AM machine builds part features to near-net shape up to 10x faster, without wasting material or losing time by subtracting metal from a solid piece of material. It offers geometric freedom via direct metal deposition, allowing additive and subtractive machining capabilities in a single setup.

Fiber laser heat melts the metal powder used to grow near-net-shape 3D forms. The cladding head applies the molten material, layer by layer, solidifying as the part surface or features grow. The laser cladding head coats sections of the part with metal, repairing worn or damaged high-value components.

The machine handles parts up to 19.7" in diameter, 12" high, and up to 440 lb.

Mazak Corp.