Spicer S172 series single drive axles for Class 7 and 8 vehicles are 60 lb lighter than S170 axles yet retain the component’s strength. Designed for 4x2, 6x2, and 8x2 applications up to 25,000 lb (11,340kg) GAWR, it offers gear ratios from 3.07 to 6.14, and features a low hypoid offset with high-power density AdvanTEK gearing. The high-strength pinion bearings allow greater lifespan under heavy loads, improving durability and performance. A passive lube management system requires less lube by using a patented meter to optimize the amount of lube flow to the high-efficiency bearings.

The single-drive axle can also be paired with the Dana tag axle as part of the Spicer EconoTrek tandem axle, a lightweight 6x2 configuration that offers increased fuel economy, improved performance, and reduced maintenance for heavy-duty linehaul tractors. This system is up to 3% more efficient and up to 380 lb lighter than typical 6x4 offerings.

Dana Inc.


Computer vision processor

The R-Car V3H system-on-chip (SoC) offers high computer vision performance and artificial intelligence (AI) processing, targeting automotive front cameras for mass-produced Level 3 (conditional automation) and Level 4 (high automation) autonomous vehicles. The SoC is optimized for use in stereo front cameras and achieves 5x the computer vision performance of its predecessor, the R-Car V3M SoC targeting NCAP front cameras.

The R-Car V3H SoC focuses on architecture optimization for computer vision processing, enabling advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) functions from conditional to highly automated driving. It uses Dense Optical Flow, Dense Stereo Disparity, and Object Classification algorithms.

The R-Car V3H includes a dual image signal processor (ISP) that converts camera sensor signals for image creation and recognition processing. It requires a single LPDDR4 memory chip.

Renesas Electronics Corp.


Automotive-grade memory

Excelon ferroelectric random-access memory (F-RAM) delivers high-speed nonvolatile data logging, preventing data-loss in harsh automotive and industrial operating environments. The Excelon Auto series offers 2Mb to 4Mb automotive-grade densities, while the Excelon Ultra series offers 4Mb to 8Mb industrial-grade densities. Both families are available in low-pin-count, small-package options.

Excelon Auto memory is available with AEC-Q100 extended temperature options with functional safety (ISO 26262) compliance. The Excelon Ultra series offers 108MHz quad serial peripheral interface (SPI) performance. NoDelay instant write technology eliminates power failure data-at-risk due to volatile data buffers in legacy technologies and is offered in reduced pin count QFN packages.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.