Bearing wheel assemblies with polymer and steel wheel covers for radial ball bearings can reduce lead times and eliminate sourcing problems and tooling costs.

Each bearing wheel cover assembly includes a cover, snap ring, radial ball bearing, and a mounting stud when specified. Standard OD sizes range from 0.75" to 1.50". The covers are made from polyacetal, nylon, UHMW, PEEK, urethane, steel, or stainless steel with crowned or radial flat surfaces to meet application needs. The steel and stainless-steel bearings are retained by a snap ring, while the low-profile stud is permanently swaged to replace a nut, bolt, and spacer.


Multi-tasking drill

The MT Drill drills, chamfers, and thread mills a hole in a single operation. Constructed of solid carbide, the two-fluted drill/thread milling cutter, with 45° chamfering, reduces cycle times by combining operations and eliminating tool changes.

The drill features right- and left-hand internal threads, and the same tool can be used for blind or through-hole drilling. The optimized carbide grade is suitable for aluminum and cast iron, produces a high-quality thread surface, and features internal coolant.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Custom fixture design & manufacturing

Custom design and build workholding has been added to existing Fixture-Pro, Multi Axis, and other workholding products. Offering custom design and manufacturing capabilities enhances time to market and allows customers to boost their manufacturing productivity with efficient quick-change products.

Jergens Inc.