The QC-46 tool changer weighs 6.5 lb (2.98kg), has a 2.61" stack height (66.3mm), uses the same locking mechanism as the QC-40 tool changer, and handles payloads up to 110 lb (50kg). Able to accommodate up to seven utility modules to handle a variety of signals, fluid, air, and other requirements, the QC-46 also features optional internal lock/unlock sensing and direct mount to robots with a 100mm ISO pattern.

ATI Industrial Automation

Hybrid extrusion tooling

The 800 Series Hybrid extrusion tool keeps the compact design, low residence time, and a common deflector bore that eliminates tolerance stack-up of the 800 Series while incorporating layer overlapping and reducing unnecessary complexity. By overlapping layers in each semi- deflector, using a single cone, the 800 Series Hybrid reduces cost.

Benefits of the system include:
  • Eliminating weld lines in materials through overlapping technology
  • Reduced sensitivity to viscosity changes
  • Reduced sensitivity to line speed changes
  • Material, multi-layer application possibilities
  • Works in tubing and jacketing applications with a range of materials
  • Low residence time
  • Compact design
  • Low tolerance stack-up error factor

Guill Tool & Engineering

Zero-backlash gear, high capacity bearing

Geared bearing systems, based on a roller pinion system (RPS), come with a zero-backlash, gear-mounted, and dialed-in high-capacity bearing. Available in a variety of sizes and gear ratios, geared bearings are preconfigured for easy integration into any precision rotary motion application.

The geared bearing product selector tool makes it easy to select the gear needed. Users adjust online sliders for torque, gear OD size, accuracy, and gear ratio requirements, and the tool shows all the options that fit. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) also have access to STEP files and specifications.

Nexen Group Inc.