5-axis machining center

The Bridgeport XT 630 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) digital machine tool offers a solution for demanding metal cutting. The Bridgeport XT 630 comes with a Siemens 840D control with a 19" LCD. Axis travels are 762mm in X, 630mm in Y, 610mm in Z, +30° to -120° in A, and 360° in C.

Hardinge Inc.


Low-profile gripper insert, vises

Designed for ultra-low profile 0.14" (3.5mm) clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation, TriGrip carbide gripper inserts have two rows of teeth at different angles with a 5° taper to maximize the pull-down effect, divide the clamping force, absorb vibration, and allow highly stable, secure workholding.

Integrated with the TriMax G, TriMax C, TriMax T, TriMax M lines of vises, TriGrip carbide gripper inserts require only 3.5mm of clamp surface to hold the workpiece. The inserts combine a tough-coated, cemented carbide with specialized teeth and triangular shapes that penetrate materials including steel, hardened steel/titanium (up to 50HRC to 54HRC), and aluminum.



Epoxy-modified acrylic adhesive

The two-component, epoxy-modified acrylic Versilok 271/331 bonds automotive sheet metals including hot-dip and electro-galvanized, bare and oily aluminum, and cold-rolled steel.

The adhesive can be room-temperature (RT) cured or heat-cured (around 80°C) for faster processing. It features glass beads for a strong mechanical lock to prevent shifting of substrate panels and is easy-to-apply using non-sagging rheology that replaces the need for spot-welding that can degrade metal and allow rusting.

The acrylic adhesive offers RT-cure adhesion on HDG Pre-Phos Galvanneal and aluminum, improved higher peel strength, and improved corrosion resistance. It also offers robustness for body-in-white handling and high performance at full-cured status after e-coating.

LORD Corp.


Zirconia flap discs

Polifan Z SG-Power flap discs deliver up to 236% longer tool life than conventional flap discs, maintaining consistent performance throughout use.

This high-performance, zirconia alumina abrasive handles demanding grinding work, delivering stock removal on high-powered angle grinders at higher contact pressures.

Available in grit sizes 40 and 60 in a Type 29 (conical) shape, the Polifan Z SG-Power flap discs are rated for use on stainless steel (INOX) and steel, for weld seams, chamfering, and surface grinding steel.

Pferd Inc.


Electrical conductivity measuring

The Sigmascope SMP350 determines the electrical conductivity of a metal. Measuring electrical conductivity using the phase-sensitive eddy current method – approved by both DIN EN 2004-1 and ASTM E 1004 for determining conductivity – allows for contact-free determination of a substrate’s electrical conductivity. This method minimizes the influence of surface roughness and can be done under paint or plastic coatings up to 500µm thick.

The SMP350 can also measure electrical conductivity of any non-magnetic metal.

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.