April 2016 winner

Chris Rubenacker, Manufacturing Engineer, Machinetek Inc.,Cincinnati, Ohio

The vehicle

1937 Ford pickup
  • 60hp, 136in3 (2.2L) or 80hp, 221in3 (3.6L) V8 engine
  • Popular model for hot rodders through the 1950s
  • Split windshield provided signature look

What do you love about classic pickups?

It’s just beautiful. I don’t own one. I’ve never allocated the means for such a luxury. The closest relationship I’ve had was with one that a kid drove to my high school. Man, I loved that thing. I don’t see them very often anymore. There are lots of cars that I’ve admired, but this pickup was just special.

A teenager drove this?

His father was into car restoration, so it was a father-son project between the two of them. It was certainly the coolest ride at our school. I was jealous that someone else had it and I didn’t, but I could never hold that against the car.

Other than school did you ever see one up close?

There was a track not too far from where I grew up, and we used to go to drag races. A lot of those were heavily modified vehicles, but I like seeing them stock. I’ll take a 700hp vehicle if that’s all you’ve got, but the 1937 Ford pickup is so good looking the way it was made, you really don’t need to do anything to it.

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