In addition to providing a competitive advantage – running stronger, lighter parts than the competition – in-house production on its Mazaks gives Team Penkse more control over quality and helps increase its manufacturing speed and flexibility.

Mazak’s supportive involvement with Team Penske has continued to expand since its sponsor relationship began in 1994. Every Mazak machine tool in the Team Penske shop serves a unique purpose, but each offers consistent precision, speed, and performance, along with the versatility to adapt vehicle components to ever-changing tracks and series.

Speed, accuracy, automation capabilities, straightforward processing, workplace safety, and cost per part: Every advantage takes on even greater importance in the face of increasingly precise race technology and growing parity among competitors.

“To stay ahead, we rely on Mazak machines with multi-tasking, 5-axis, and DONE IN ONE® capabilities as well as large tool storage capacities, pallet changers, and easy programming for even our most-complex parts,” says Matt Gimbel, Team Penske Production Manager.

Mazak Multi-Tasking part-processing capabilities help Team Penske quickly and accurately generate wide-ranging production including cams, crankshafts, flywheels, pistons, steering arms, and knuckles, as well as components for drive trains, transmissions, and brakes. To reduce weight, some parts require up to 95% material removal, while other complex workpieces with multiple contoured surfaces can involve up to 30 tool changes during a 12-hour machining cycle time.

Within Team Penske’s North Carolina base of operations, its Mooresville machine shop supports 14 teams in five racing series, including Monster Energy NASCAR Cup, NASCAR Xfinity, NTT IndyCar, IMSA WeatherTech SportsCars, and Virgin Australia Supercars. That diversity means the shop operates like a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing facility.

Team Penske’s focus on ever-shorter lead times reflects constant production for its multiple teams. As race-day parts replacements respond to rule changes or on-track emergencies, Team Penske’s operations must turn on a dime.

“Without our Mazak machines, we would really be hard pressed to truly benefit from producing a part in-house,” says Team Penske Machine Shop Manager Rick Huneycutt.

Mazak’s support for Team Penske continues beyond the 11 Mazak machines on the shop floor all the way to training and application support.

“We don’t just partner with any organization,” Gimbel notes, adding that “They must be industry leaders that can get the job done and work with us in a win-win situation.”

Mazak’s regionally based support network, well-established machine service infrastructure, expert industry partners, and complete understanding of racing’s unique machining challenges enable the company to revolutionize the production of parts that must meet exacting standards – and survive grueling competition. As Team Penske continues to build its racing legacy, Mazak technology stands behind every competitive car and event.

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Team Penske